Overcoming Stress To Avoid Depression

Since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, major changes have occurred in every sector of human life globally. The flow of life and social interaction is limited so that the rush of people is generally stopped temporarily during the lockdown. This affects all aspects of people’s lives, especially in women who have families. Women in general have […]

Some Recipes For Your Throat

There are some recipes that you can try if you feel sore throat. During quarantine at home, mothers get more challenges than before because they are have another duty as a teacher to their kids. Not every kids can teach well and fast, some need your patience and yell. Joking But, let’s see the fact […]

Dry Skincare Routine During Quarantine

Since the start of the independent quarantine as one of the efforts of the world government to prevent the spread of Covid-19, various activities have all been carried out at home. Including matters of caring for skin beauty. If before this outbreak you usually go to the salon for treatment, now you have started doing […]

Hair Care For Hair Fall & Dry Hair

I remember when I was pregnant my first son, my hair growth so nicely. it will make my hair growth so long thick and very healthy. According to American Health, when you are pregnant, progesterone hormone increase significantly in your body and the result is your skin and hair looks so healthy. Besides that I […]