Desert Storm

The time is now 7am and I’m blogging! You could say that I’m crazy or dedicated, but I’d say I’m a bit of both with insomniac thrown in. I haven’t slept at all yet and I have to leave the house at 8am to get to uni for 9am for today’s seminars. I have some […]

Cheap & Chic!

I was going to call this post something along the lines of ‘Stripes & Mustard’ but then I decided that since most of this outfit was from Primark and therefore incredibly cheap, ‘Cheap & Chic’ was a better name. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of the majority of their clothing as I think […]

The Orange Skirt!

Being a redhead, we’re not supposed to wear orange or red. Admittedly red is a colour that I’m not overly keen on (unless it’s a gorgeous burgandy shade), red lipsticks on the other hand get used left right and chelsea (if Kate Winslet can look fab sporting red lips in Titanic then why can’t I?) […]

Back To School!

  I feel like I’m trying to prove that looking like you’re a schoolgirl is cool today, but I really do love this outfit, despite the fact that I had a major lie in and didn’t get out of bed until 2:30pm today (I finally fell asleep around 6am this morning) and had to rush […]

Blinged-Up Sophistication!

Hello hello hello lovely ladies! I’m back in my apartment in Nottingham so that means I’ve got an OOTD for you! It’s nothing too complex, just a black blazer, white sheer shirt with white tank top underneath, skinny jeans and my favourite heeled boots…I have topped it off with quite a bit of jewellery though! […]