Create the Perfectly Imperfect Bun

Creating a sexy updo bun is easier than you think. You just need to tell your over-achiever self to chill and create a look that is fun, soft and maybe even a little messy. Celebrity hairstylist, Serge Normant, told, “No bun you create on yourself is going to be perfect, so you might as […]

How to Disguise A Grey Hair

During a pandemic that requires you to quarantine independently at home, there are many activities that you can do without having to be bored. Be thankful if you are still healthy because there are many people, especially medical personnel who have to hold themselves in the hospital for months to be able to serve other […]

How to Treat Female Hair Loss

How to Treat Female Hair Loss

There is a quote about women’s hair. “Hair is a beautiful form of self expression”.  It is said by Carolyn Aronson is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and the founder and CEO of It’s a 10 Haircare, one of the only female-owned professional haircare brands in the world. For many women, female hair loss can provide […]