Lady Gaga Wears Racy Giorgio Armani Bodysuit for ‘American Idol’ Performance

Sorry, naysayers, but if loving Lady Gaga is wrong, we don’t wanna be right. And apparently Giorgio Armani agrees. The Italian designer, who has designed costumes for the envelope-pushing pop star’s concert tour, was the brains behind the racy head-to-toe bodysuit she wore while performing her single “Alejandro” on last night’s “American Idol.” Bringing a […]

Lady Gaga Scarecrow Keeps Birds Away

Apparently, not everyone is a fan of Lady Gaga’s envelope-pushing style: namely, birds. British farmer Nigel Britten claims his farm has been pigeon-free since he dressed a scarecrow on his Surrey property as Lady Gaga, 3am reports. (Makes sense. Everyone knows that birds are more into Katy Perry.) Britten reportedly got the idea to dress […]

‘American Idol’ Stylist Miles Siggins on the Style Evolution of Ryan Seacrest and Why He Doesn’t Dress Simon Cowell

British stylist Miles Siggins has been cultivating the looks of aspiring pop stars on Fox’s “American Idol” since the series’s second season, when two of his all-time favorite contestants, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, vied for the singing competition’s coveted title While the dapper Siggins’s work with the sometimes fashion-phobic male contestants gets him plenty […]