Make eyebrow for beginners

Make Eyebrows For Beginners

Shaping eyebrows is the basis for perfect makeup. When you manage to make your eyebrows well, automatically it immediately forms your face and looks different from before. Shaping your eyebrows can be your way to keep looking fresh even if you only use the No Makeup Makeup Look makeup.

The right tricks are needed when shaping and drawing eyebrows. Now it’s time you try to do it in front of your glass.

First, Make an Imaginary Line

imaginary line

Place the eyebrow pencil next to the nostrils. Then position it so that it is parallel to the base, the highest brow arch, and the tip of the eyebrow.

Draw a point at the base to the tip of the eyebrows

From the imaginary line, mark it by making dots so you can make frames easily. Following the dots, draw a line to make an eyebrow frame. The tips, don’t use pressure when drawing your eyebrows!

Fill with eyebrow pencil

eyebrow pencil
eyebrow pencil feminine-edge

After the brow frame is finished, start filling it with eyebrow pencil. Just fill a little at the base, then fill a little thick in the middle to the end. Tips from Popbela, shading by following the direction of growing eyebrows so that the results are more natural.

Blend, blend, and blend!

This step is no less important. After framing and filling it with eyebrow pencil, it’s time you use a spoolie to blend your eyebrows. Comb gently so that the eyebrows you have drawn are perfectly blended.

Use Concealer

concealer feminine-edge

If you want to make your eyebrows look neat, concealer is a must. apply a little concealer under the eyebrows and then blend using a brush so that the eyebrows look more presentable and defined.

Set with brow gel

brow gel feminine-edge
Set with brow gel

To make your eyebrows more long lasting, make sure you use brow gel. This helps your eyebrows do not fade and are long lasting.

If you haven’t got the right eyebrow pencil, one of the famous brands for good and durable eyebrow pencils and a very wide variety of pencils, Benefi Cosmetic is the answer. They have 6 eyebrow products that make your eyebrows look perfect.

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