The Reasons Why so Cheap creates a unique sale for each product, based on price, inventory and location specific factors rather than relying on daily deals or flash sales. This site is famous for selling designer handbags and shoes for under $100. It is the perfect spot for people looking to get a good deal on designer clothing, cosmetics, electronics and more. also allows consumers to buy directly from merchants without the hassle of shipping delays or high prices on shipping fees. Be sure to check out our blog post on how Wish makes their algorithm so ethical! Retailers all over the world are enticed by this site’s simple design and cheesy marketing strategy, but no one gives them credit for that.

Is Wish Shopping Legit?

The biggest selling point for these products is how cheap they are, and the biggest concern people have about this site is whether it is real or not. From my own experience, I can safely say that my products were authentic and I never had any problems with the items that I purchased. The products that I ordered from Wish were delivered right on time and worked as expected. Some people worry that is a scam, but it’s more of a risk you take by ordering something online than a worry of being scammed.

Why Are Items So Cheap?

The majority of the merchants on Wish are located in China. Ever since China began its economic reformation, the prices of Chinese goods have become significantly cheaper. Seeing as Wish is run by Chinese merchants, it is logical to assume that most of their products are manufactured in China. A major factor contributing to their low prices is because Wish does not follow any price controls or regulations on imported goods.

Wish takes advantage of its’ Chinese competitors by sourcing deals directly from the factories and skirting around customs taxes at lower costs.

Are the Products Fake?

The products that are sold on Wish have always been authentic. Despite research being done to prove otherwise, no one has reported finding fake items on the site. The discount that Wish offers is not fake, because it depends on how much the product is being sold for by other sites to reduce its’ market price.

Is It Safe to Buy From Wish?

Wish is the only large shopping site that will allow you to purchase international goods online without requiring that you pay extra for customs taxes. This is because there are no licensing fees to be paid when importing these products to another country.

It’s important to note that Wish only sources deals from Chinese merchants, who are not allowed to sell international goods. This is why Wish lacks the diversity of products to give you a better shopping experience. You can purchase all kinds of international goods elsewhere, but they will still be shipped from China.

Is It Legal to Buy From Wish? operates as a legal and ethical business model. They do not ship products from some random merchant who has no idea where they are going or what they will find once they arrive on your doorstep. Wish wants their shopping experience to provide good quality and clear communication between the merchant and the customer. Importers working for Wish must follow domestic and international laws that prohibit foreign imports without proper licenses, therefore it is illegal for them to sell these items to you.

Wish Promo Code

Wish has a promo code option in which you can enter a promotion code in to get free shipping or an extra percentage off. They have different codes every so often, so you will want to keep checking back frequently.

Some common promo codes include:

  • SPRING10 – 10% off your purchase when you spend over $50.00
  • START30 – 30% off your entire purchase when you spend over $50.00
  • SAVE15 – 15% off your entire purchase when you spend over $50.00
  • I received a $25 off $30 coupon via email right away after signing up for the Wish newsletter. The promo code EXCLUSIVE10 will give you 10% off your first purchase if you don’t feel like waiting for the newsletter (but can’t be combined with other promo codes).

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