Should You Gain Weight to Cure Wrinkles?

If you’re feeling guilty about the sheer volume of food you’ve consumed this holiday season, we’ve got your perfect excuse.

According to the Archives of Dermatology Journal, older women who weight more have less wrinkles. “Although excess fat may increase the skin’s susceptibility to damage, it may help mask the appearance of wrinkles in old age,” The Frisky reports.

The study is based on the aging patterns of 65 pairs of twins. While being overweight made the volunteers initially look older, the pattern reversed after about the age of 54; the heavier twins then began to look younger in the face than their slimmer counterparts.

How could this happen?

As we age, we naturally lose spongy collagen – which keeps our facial skin firm and lush. Once the collagen begins to break down, thinner women often look gaunt in the face, while heavier frames tend to camouflage the loss with fat – which gives their face a plumper, more youthful look.

But before you reach for that second helping of Grandma’s kugel, keep in mind that experts like Dr. Perricone say that a high sugar intake can speed up the collagen break-down process, making you look older, faster – no matter how much you weigh.

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