Quick pick: Kate Hudson’s Fool’s Gold kimono

Quick! What was Kate Hudson thinking at the exact moment of this photo? We have a good guess that her inner monologue is going a little something like this:

“Wait a second…why do my sleeves have wings? Oh, that’s right, I decided to wear a kimono to the premiere of Fool’s Gold. I look totally hot in this dress, I just know it, but why is everyone staring at my abdomen? I bet it’s because this kind of material could make even an Olsen twin look pregnant.”

What’s your take on Kate’s attire for this red carpet event? We’re on the fence on this one. On hand, Kate looks radiant. Her makeup is sheer perfection, her simple hair does it for us and the color is gorgeous. She took a risk and that’s something we like — there are way too many little black dresses going to events these days and someone needs to spice things up.

On the other hand, we hate that the material bunches unfortunately around the midsection, especially when we all know that Miss Hudson has one of the flattest stomachs in the game! The woman has a six pack for pete’s sake and crying out loud!

But, if you’re an actress it’s part of the job. Keep ’em guessing, make people think that you’re pregnant. Is she or isn’t she is what keeps your name in the gossip blogs, after all.

And don’t forget to browse through the gallery, we have lots of good stuff in there for you — Kate’s makeup up close, a shot of the awesome v-neck back of the dress, and pictures of hottie Matthew McConaughey (who severely overdid it with the spray tan) staring longingly into Kate’s eyes.

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