Lady Gaga Wears Strait Jacket Dress

Final destination: The loony bin?

Not quite. Proving that she really knows how to make an entrance, Lady Gaga landed in Houston — the latest stop on her tour — wearing a white strait jacket-style dress.

It’s like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest“… literally.

Sporting her signature heavy black sunglasses, sky-high black heels, and a messy bleached blonde bob, the singer struggled to Texas two-step her way out of the airport thanks to the tight restraints binding her legs together.

You’d have thought she’d have learned her lesson about practical airport wear after that whole heel-less platform boots-induced Heathrow stumble, but apparently not.

Hmmm — maybe she is nuts!

Meanwhile, we’re definitely not crazy about the baggy jumpsuit Kate Hudson chose to travel in .

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