Lady Gaga Look-Alike Contest: The Crowd Goes Wild

Who says you can never have enough Lady Gaga? (Oh, that’s right. We did.)

No matter — five of the pop star’s “Little Monsters” busted out the corsets, blonde wigs, and, yes, police tape for a chance to win Gaga concert tickets, DNAinfo reports.

Hosted by Bravo Pizza and Pizza Packet, the look-alike contest — held in New York City’s Union Square — saw super-fan Renee Cole, 26, take home the prize in a bustier-skirt combo, black panties, and lace fingerless gloves.

“I’m so excited, I’ve never seen her live,” Cole told the source, saying that her outfit was originally worn in a Broadway show.

Other contestants rocked up wearing everything from “Telephone“-inspired police tape to a jeweled bra and hot pants to a nude latex-esque dress.

What, no chaps and heel-less platform boots? Amateurs.

Meanwhile, see the “Glee” cast mimic Lady Gaga’s costumes.

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