Kate Somerville Transforms Skin and Fixes Paris Hilton’s Orange Spray Tans

A 10-week transformation sounds like an idea for an extreme makeover TV show, but for several of skin health expert Kate Somerville‘s clients, it was a reality.

In Somerville’s new book, Complexion Perfection, the Los Angeles-based celebrity aesthetician guides readers through skin makeovers on clients with issues ranging from severe acne to rosacea and aging, with how-to skin and diet advice they can put into play at home for their own complexion concerns.

We were most impressed by Karina, whose lifetime battle with acne and lingering pigmentation issues was turned around in just 10 weeks. Somerville says that the photos are untouched and that none of the clients had cosmetic surgery. All work focused on skincare, diet and non-invasive procedures like laser.

Somerville’s CytoCell Dermal Energizing Treatment joins the newest crop of stem cell technology skin products with the use of P-199 — a synthesized peptide found in umbilical cords that stimulates the growth of new, healthy tissue.

The youth ingredient was discovered by a doctor who performs in-vitro surgeries on fetuses, and discovered that the babies didn’t have scars after birth in spite of skin-traumatizing removal of tumor growths. It’s believed that the super-regenerative quality of the umbilical cord stem cells creates new skin to heal the scars.

CytoCell sold out in four minutes when it debuted exclusively on QVC, but you can pre-order a jar on Somerville’s site. Not surprisingly, the high-tech ingredients are pricey, and will set you back $150.

Meanwhile, Somerville’s Tanning Towelettes have emerged as the brand’s current best-seller — and were inspired in part by client Paris Hilton.

“All of my products are created out of a need for my clients. Paris would come in with these awful orange spray tans, and one day I was exfoliating her neck during a facial and all the orange was just stuck. I said, ‘Oh, girl – no! We’ve got to do something about this!’ Same thing with Debbie Matenoupoulas. She came in with this crazy spray tan before hosting the TV Guide Awards, and I said, ‘We’ve got to stop this!'”

The towelettes were hatched soon afterwards. The paraben-free sheets claim to produce an even, streak-proof color within two to four hours and one tissue is enough for a full body and face application.

From the evenly bronzed looks of the hotel heiress at recent events, we’re guessing Hilton has scored some towelettes since.

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