Gaga Over Lady GaGa

With two consecutive number 1 hits and an eye catching personal style, Lady GaGa has become both a pop darling and a fashion muse. The singer herself sees it as all part of the same package, swearing to MTV that when she’s writing her music she’s thinking about what clothes to wear on stage. “Fashion is everything … I want the imagery to be so strong that fans will want to eat and taste and lick every part of us.”

While we haven’t seen any cannibalistic fan activity, StyleList’s has certainly noticed that Hollywood has started looking a little more like GaGa everyday. But who is really the copycat?

Back in 2008 when Christina Aguilera made her post-baby red carpet return at the MTV VMAs, a small but vocal chorus of pop savvy critics noticed that her new look was not exactly her own. Xtina’s GaGa ripoff seemed like a one off, but in the months since then it’s become clear that Aguilera is gaga over Lady GaGa and she’s certainly not alone.

Everyone from the formerly “Dirrty” singer to Nicole Richie have turned to Lady GaGa to inspire their new looks, but that hardly means the Lady herself is 100% original. GaGa’s style collective “Haus of GaGa” is charged with developing the singer’s look and while they have managed to put their own spin on each ensemble they haven’t actually created much that hasn’t been done before. Check out the gallery below to see where GaGa gets her fashion moves and who’s taking their cues from the Lady of the moment.

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