America Idol ‘Do Review: Adam Lambert’s OMG Hair is Back!

If you’re gonna spike your hair, why not take it all the way and create a look that resembles a modern-day Elvis? That’s what Adam Lambert did on a recent episode of “American Idol” when he appeared as this week’s mentor to the remaining nine contestants on the show dedicated to The King.

As the Season 8 runner-up, Lambert is perhaps best remembered for his over-the-top vocals and guy-liner looks that cast him as a rebel to mainstream culture — and an often-times a controversial one at that.

The 28-year-old from Hollywood who was once referred to as a “worldwide star” by the toughest judge of them all — Simon Cowell — appeared last night with a jet-black, high-spiked ‘do that made it somewhat hard to stay focused on the contestants he was mentoring. Was his hair a tribute to The King or was it just another one of his many edgy, punk-rock looks? Either way, it caught our attention.

Over the course of his Idol days, Lambert showcased his versatile voice with equally-versatile looks. His hair ranged from blue highlights to sleek, sculpted, smooth, spiky and sometimes downright strange. In an earlier interview with Stylist, he said he loses count of how many styling products it takes to get his hair just-so. “Oh man, I don’t even — I lost count. And I got really overwhelmed too because, like, it’s cold and it’s hot and it’s dry and it’s this, and I’m like ‘Oh, moisturizer! Oh, hairspray!’, he said.

Take a look at some of the looks that Lambert has sported and tell us which one you like the best:

Oh, and if you want to catch more of Lambert, he’ll be returning on “American Idol’s” result’s episode where he will sing one of his new singles. No telling what his hair will look like, but we can pretty-much guarantee the black eye-liner and black nail polish will accompany it.

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