Kat Von D, Jesse James Dating Rumor – Don’t Let It Overshadow Her Pretty Fall Makeup Collection

The internet is abuzz with rumors that Kat Von D, tattoo-artist and “LA Ink” star, is dating Jesse James, Sandra Bullock‘s ex.

But over here in beauty-land, we’re talking about Von D’s new makeup launches for Fall 2010.

If you weren’t aware, Kat Von D has been the brains behind a successful beauty line, sold at Sephora for the past few years. A range of daring eye shadow shades, red lipsticks, felt-tipped eye liners, and tattoo-covering concealer, the line began as a limited edition partnership but has developed into a permanent collection, complete with traincases and temporary tattoos.

“People have always asked me what I would be doing if I wasn’t a tattoo-er,” said Kat Von D, on her Sephora.com brand page. “The only other thing I could imagine is doing makeup!”

For fall, Von D has come up with a few exciting new products, all surrounding the debut of her third signature fragrance, Adora.

Latin for “beloved one,” Adora was formulated to be sensual and passionate, with notes of lychee, boysenberry and thyme. “For Kat, Adora reflects the next chapter in her personal evolution-an introspective renaissance discovered through deep layers, stories, and scars,” says the write up on Sephora.com.

Von D also parlayed this theme into an eyeshadow palette and a lipstick.

Her True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Adora contains eight shades of fall’s must-have black-based cool tones, ranging from silver to eggplant to a black-teal. The palette is made up of both cream and powder shadows. One standout shade is a metallic burgundy tone, which one Sephora.com reviewer says is “Unheard of! Its gorgeous!”

“There is no better time to wear red lipstick than fall,” said Kat in Sephora’s Fall catalog. “After much hard work, I am so proud to have perfected the ultimate foil red shade.” The result, Painted Love Lipstick in Adora, is a metallic red lipstick made with moisturizing plant oils.

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