Fast Fashion VS Sustainable Fashion

You may already be used to changing styles every year in the fashion industry. Every year there will be a model that is currently a trend in the fashion industry. It is undeniable that this is also a social movement that encourages changes in fashion trends every year. Today’s dynamic society needs something new every time that makes them passionate about fulfilling their fashion needs.

Fast Fashion

But did you know that it could spark a movement in the fashion industry called Fast Fashion. Fast Fashion is a concept used by the textile industry that presents ready-to-wear clothes with the concept of fast fashion changes within a certain period of time. For example, when the summer fashion trend will adjust to summer fashion, then it will change again and so on. In fact, as the name “fast” implies, this mode does not only change according to season but every month.

Sustainable Fashion

The philosophy of sustainable fashion, which has a mission to make the fashion industry more ethical towards the environment, is a form of action on the large amount of waste generated by the fashion industry on planet earth.

Some of the impacts resulting from fast fashion are the use of cheap fabric dyes that contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment to the use of polyester or nylon which are made from materials that are difficult to decompose.

What You Need To Do

For you fashion lovers, some steps that need to be applied to embrace a more ethical fashion philosophy are to change the consumptive behavior created by fast fashion manufacturers. Where fast fashion producers create a mindset so that many people must continue to dress according to the latest trends.

Start investing in timeless or timeless pieces of clothing and shop smart by only buying high-quality clothing that will last for years.

Learn and find out what clothing lines embrace the concept of slow fashion and sustainable fashion, which are popping up every year so that you no longer contribute to destroying the environment.

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