Childbirth In New Normal

During this pandemic, infant birth rates have risen. Maybe this has something to do with the lockdown a few months ago which required everyone to stay more at home except for very important matters. Couples who stay at home also have a great opportunity to have a baby.

Nor can we say the ‘baby boomers’ era, but we are entering a new normal era where health protocols are implemented to protect ourselves in this pandemic. Likewise with pregnant women will give birth. Childbirth is a happy moment for parents. But in the condition of the Corona pandemic (COVID-19), childbirth is now a frightening specter for pregnant women. Not a few pregnant women worried and worried about having to give birth in a hospital or clinic in the current condition. Not to mention there is a health protocol that must be followed. Even additional costs are charged for mothers giving birth.

Screening before giving birth

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states, pregnant women who are positive Covid-19 must be isolated before and after delivery.

If a pregnant woman is tested positive for corona, then the treatment procedures performed will be different again, labor will be carried out through Sectio-Cesarean.

In addition, corona-positive mothers are also not recommended to undergo early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD), and it is recommended to express milk to be given to babies through bottles. This is done to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in infants.

Delivery Room and Treatment Room on Special Floor

This is of course very important. Mothers and babies will be safer if not along the floor with other disease patients. Some hospitals have adopted the safety standard of Covid-19 for pregnant women who will give birth in a special room and are on a special floor. It would be better if the mother gave birth at home with the help of a midwife if it does not require special medical treatment such as caesarean section.

Visiting hours are canceled or restricted

Unlike ordinary days, in the new normal phase visiting hours are still very limited or even in some hospitals visiting hours are canceled.

This is intended to break the chain of covid-19 virus spread, especially in infants who are most at risk of being exposed to the virus more easily.

For this reason, Moms should also limit meeting and gathering with other people after giving birth, although we all realize that the support of friends and closest relatives is very meaningful for postpartum mental states.

But don’t worry, Moms. Attention and support from dear colleagues can be addressed virtually, really. One of them through gifts.

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