4 Pandemic Home Business Ideas That Are Suitable For Mothers

During this pandemic, many people lost their jobs, due to the economic downturn. Many companies must reduce their employees to survive in this difficult time. If you are one of them or your wife or mother who wants to help your household finances at a time when everyone should be more at home, here are some tips for home-based businesses from Wolipop website that you can try because they don’t require large capital to start it.

Healthy Catering Business

The virus outbreak that is happening now makes many people worried about being exposed. Because of that, many people are very concerned about maintaining endurance so as not to get sick easily. This can also be a business opportunity for mothers who like to cook. You can create a healthy catering business by presenting healthy and nutritionally balanced menus. Take advantage of social media or food delivery platforms such as Uber to sell your merchandise.

Fabric Mask Business

Currently, self-protection tools (PPE) such as masks and hand sanitizers are needed by the community. For you who have sewing skills, this fabric mask business will be very profitable to run. You can make various kinds of masks such as fabric string masks, rubber cloth masks, to cloth masks with additional tissue holders. To add variety, you can use fabrics with a variety of colors and cute patterns that kids love.

Juice or Beverage Business

Besides food, healthy drinks can also be a profitable business opportunity today. Fruit juice rich in vitamin C to herbs will be a very salable drink for now. Therefore, drinks that contain vitamins will increase endurance and make the body not easily exposed to viruses.

Baby Need

If you have the ability to rent it is really good for you to try when you have to stay home because you are a housewife and a mother. Not only can you sew cloth masks, but in this pandemic, you can also try baby needs such as bibs, hats, quilts, baby carriers, etc. In this pandemic, parents are more cautious and selective about their baby’s needs.

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