Overcoming Stress To Avoid Depression

Since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, major changes have occurred in every sector of human life globally. The flow of life and social interaction is limited so that the rush of people is generally stopped temporarily during the lockdown. This affects all aspects of people’s lives, especially in women who have families. Women in general have a dual function so that many women work even though they are mothers and wives.

When work from home applies to these women, their role multiplies. Starting from being a wife, mother, to teachers for their children who are of school age. This dual role is not uncommon to cause stress to depression in women with many demands like this. Here are some reasons why women become easily depressed.

Hormone Change

One of the things that is referred to as triggers for women to be more easily stressed is the condition of hormones. Women and men in fact have different hormones. Citing Stress.org, Dr. Paul J. Rosch, Chairman of the Board of The American Institute of Stress, said that women more often experience changes in hormone levels.

A study from Europe shows that women aged 25-40 tend to experience depression up to 4 times easier than men. According to The Health and Safety Executive in the UK, women aged 35-44 years are more prone to experiencing “peak stress” because they have to take care of work, children, and parents who may be elderly.

Lack of Support From People Nearby

Basically stress can occur to anyone, but women are called more vulnerable to experience it. The cause of stress in women is generally a matter of work, and lack of support from partners related to child problems and household matters. Well, if you feel that way, you should immediately say it to your partner so he can provide the support you need.

Has a Dual Role

In an op-ed discussing the survey results, LeanIn.org cofounders Sheryl Sandberg and Rachel Thomas suggest that women’s additional workload is to blame for the added stress and worry. “Before the coronavirus crisis hit in the U.S., many women had worked a” double shift, “doing their jobs, then returning to a home where they were responsible for the majority of childcare and domestic work. Now, homeschooling kids and caring for sick or elderly relatives during the pandemic is creating a “double shift.” It’s pushing women to the breaking point. “


According to a survey conducted by LeanIn.org and Survey Monkey in April, a quarter of women said they were experiencing severe anxiety with physical symptoms such as a racing heartbeat, while only 11% of men report these symptoms. More than half (52%) of women reported sleep issues, while only about a third (32%) of men were having difficulty nodding off and staying asleep.

How to Overcome Depression

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The first step in dealing with stress that causes depression is to know what causes stress, in this case you know it yourself. After that, write down any stress triggers so you can anticipate what steps you need to take to prevent or fight stress.

The next step is to do things that can provide relaxation for your body and mind, such as:

• Be Honest to Your Partner

Say everything you have in mind to the person concerned, someone you trust, or a psychologist. Believe me, after removing all the steam, your feelings would be much better.

• Sports

Besides making the body healthy, exercise can also relieve stress. One simple method can be walking or cycling around the house complex.

• Meditation

Meditation can help you calm your mind. You can try sports like yoga which also teaches how to meditate.

• Live your hobby

Try to think of what activities are liked? Is shopping, walking in the mall, karaoke, watching movies, gardening, cooking, or going to an amusement park? If you can’t do it now because of a pandemic, you can do anything that can relax your body and mind, but the activity must be positive so it doesn’t cause new problems.

• Learn to Live for the Present

Women, in general, have thoughts that are too far ahead so they sometimes forget to live in the present. Learn to support yourself for now, if you are a mother you can see your children as an expression of your gratitude when other women struggle to have a child. If you are a single woman, be thankful because you can have time to enjoy time with your family.

• Take care of yourself

Get enough sleep and always eat healthy and nutritious food. Avoid smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs.

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