Must Have Item Before Giving Birth

Towards the birth, Moms need to carry important items that are brought to prepare for childbirth. Especially for Moms who welcomed the birth of the first child so as not to get confused approaching due date.

Moms, are you ready to welcome the birth of the first child? It certainly feels impatient or maybe a little nervous because entering the third trimester of pregnancy requires preparation for labor.

Preparation from all aspects influences the smooth birth of the fruit later, Moms. Starting from the physical, the cost to determine the child’s name. But there are other more important preparations, namely packing maternity and after childbirth.

For that reason, what do new prospective mums need to bring?

Newborn Baby Clothes

Normal delivery usually takes 3 days. Therefore, Moms need to bring a change of clothes for your little one at least three days. At least this shirt can be worn when in the hospital and go home. Choose baby clothes with comfortable materials, Moms!


Usually in the stomach, with the new air temperature surely the baby needs adjustment. Especially if the temperature is cold, the blanket serves to wrap the baby to stay warm like the arms of Moms.

Gloves and socks

Sarung tangan dan kaki juga perlu masuk dalam tas persiapan melahirkan. Selain untuk menghangatkan, sarung tangan dan kaki mencegah bayi untuk menggaruk wajah dan bagian tubuh lainnya karena kebanyakan memiliki kuku yang panjang.

Baby’s Hat

Moms must have prepared a cute baby hat right? Don’t forget to take it! Hats function as warmers, avoid sunburn, and mosquitoes. In addition, the hat also prevents flat head syndrome.

Flat head syndrome is a condition that arises because the position of the head on one side is too long. To prevent this, a hat is needed.


Moms also need newborn diapers or diapers to prepare for childbirth. Usually disposable diapers are an option because they are easy to use and practical. Every day newborn babies can spend 5-6 diapers. But it is also necessary to pay attention to a few things when choosing a diaper that matches the sensitive skin of a newborn in order to avoid irritation or rashes on the baby’s skin.

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