5 Ways To Ease Mood Swing During Pregnancy

At present several countries have re-opened lockdowns because of the reduced number of people infected with the Sars-Cov-02 virus. Even if it has been opened, to maintain the health you should still take steps to anticipate because this virus is still there. Wear a mask if you are out of the house, use a hand sanitizer when outside the house, if you return home don’t forget to wash your hands immediately and change your clothes.

Stick to your health protocol during this pandemic, especially if you are pregnant right now, you should be extra careful to look after yourself and the fetus in your womb. Take care of yourself so that the mood conditions that often change during pregnancy you can control too. Dr. Mary Kimmel, assistant professor of psychiatry at North Carolina Medical University in Chapel Hill said that pregnancy is a major transition period in a woman’s life. “Pregnancy is a transition point in a woman’s life and during any transition, a person’s emotions can go up and down,” Kimmel said.

This mood swing must be controlled so that the pregnant woman feels calm and her pregnancy becomes happy. Here are 5 ways to overcome mood swings during pregnancy, quoted from Very Well Family.

1. Change Your Self-Concept

This is the most important. One of the worst feelings of the worst is the fact that we feel bad. Remember that you are not alone in your pregnancy. Don’t let the pregnancy hormone overwhelm what you think about yourself. Read a good book to give you a positive view of yourself. Watching movies that inspire you, you can also video call with your family or friends and express how you feel. Sharing with them can also give you relief so that your hormones do not control you. Always remind yourself that pregnancy is a gift that many other women want to feel what you are currently feeling.

2. Talk to your spouse and children

During pregnancy, you may lose patience, or start crying unexpectedly. Let your spouse and children know this. Apologize in advance if you will be easily offended during pregnancy. When talking with children, be careful not to blame the baby for mood swings. Instead, just explain that you are not feeling well lately, but everything is fixed and will be fine.

3. Be prepared to experience morning sickness

Emotionally, one of the worst parts of morning sickness is that it can come at any time without warning. This can make us feel out of control, and it can cause mood swings and worry. To reduce fear, try to get ready, for example, always having snacks if we are hungry all of a sudden or carrying small plastic wherever we go, if you feel like throwing up and no bathroom.

If morning sickness is triggered by an unpleasant or strong odor, try switching it to something that smells good, so that it can block unwanted scents. Take everywhere a small bottle of lotion or hand perfume that you like.

4. Prioritize sleep

In the first trimester, pregnant women tend to feel tired, no matter how much they have slept. Meanwhile, during the third trimester, pregnant women may find it difficult to feel comfortable, and cause a lack of sleep. When in fact pregnant women need sleep. Fatigue is one of the reasons for mood swings. So when pregnant, try to rest and sleep often, Mother.

5. Try yoga or meditation

Yoga and meditation can help reduce anxiety and increase feelings of well-being. If you decide to take a yoga class, make sure it’s for pregnant women. During this pandemic, it’s a good idea to do it in your home and watch the movements live on YouTube or record yoga from yoga classes that you can buy online.

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