You Don’t Need Makeup While Wearing A Mask

If you have a mask, never use makeup on your face when you wear it. For some reason, there is a limited stock of surgical mask at first week pandemic of Covid-19. If you wear a surgical mask it is not recommended to you wear it repeatedly. Except for the N-95 mask, you have to throw away your surgical mask after use it. It will more serious if you use makeup. Here are the reasons.

Makeup Can not Be Sterilize

According to Dr. Anne Lin, a Pathologist at Stanford University Health Care, California; “There are a lot of places that collect N-95 mask to sterilize but if there are makeup, it can not be sterilized.” The same statement also said by Dr Cassandra M. Pierre, a Pathologist from Boston Medical Centre, that added makeup that clings to mask can reduce the filter so it will not effective anymore.

Makeup Reduce The Work Of Mask

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It is breakout the filtration of the mask so virus and dust can come in through to mask. If sunscreen is a must to you, use the mild sunscreen and wait until it is absorbed by your face skin so it will not stick to mask. This can happen to the aftershave that will defile the mask.

Makeup Can Affect The Cloth Mask

So maybe you think, you will wear cloth mask so you still can use makeup. Cloth mask has ability to wash repeatedly. But, if you use makeup every time use wear a mask, it will reduce the effectively of the cloth mask because you will wash your cloth mask. It will make the cloth mask thinner and the mask will not useful to filter the viruses or microbes.

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