Want to dye your hair during quarantine? Here are 3 natural paints for your hair

Sometimes 24 hours at home can be longer so you try to find ways to continue to enjoy this quarantine period by learning new things. If all this time you have to go to the salon to change your hair color, why don’t you try to dye it yourself in your home? It’s not easy, but you can try it. There is a saying that tries not why, why not try?

There is also good news for you if you have a plan to color your hair yourself. You can use natural paint if you are afraid your hair will become damaged by using hair dye. You also don’t have to buy it if you can make it yourself right? Here are 6 natural hair dyes for you to try to use during quarantine at home.

1. Carrots

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This vegetable must be in your refrigerator. In addition to being healthy for consumption on your daily diet, carrots have a reddish orange dye that you can use in your hair. Here is how.

– Blend carrots, prepare coconut oil or olive oil to taste.

– Mix carrots that have been refined with the oil. Apply to your hair and wrap in plastic or shower cup.

– Leave it for 1 hour

– Open the shower cup and rinse with apple vinegar. At this stage you must be careful.

– Dry with a towel and see the results if not successful again.

2. Coffee

The ingredient of most people’s favorite drinks is also useful for darkening your hair. If you have gray hair that you want to cover or want to change the color of your blonde hair, coffee can be an alternative hair dye.

– Mix enough coffee and conditioner. Mix well

– Apply on your hair as a whole and cover with a shower cup or towel for 1 hour

– After 1 hour, rinse with shampoo and dry. You can immediately see the difference.

3. Henna

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Henna is known as a nail dye, but you can also use it to dye your hair. This natural vegetable hair dye you can prepare in your home to dye your hair.

– Mix enough henna and water, stir until thickened.

– Leave it for 12 hours by covering it with plastic.

– After 12 hours, add enough water to color your hair.

– Wet your hair and apply henna little by little until the whole hair.

– Wrap the hair with a shower cup and let stand for 2-6 hours so that the color can be absorbed by the hair

– After 2 hours, wash hair with shampoo and conditioner

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