Some Recipes For Your Throat

There are some recipes that you can try if you feel sore throat. During quarantine at home, mothers get more challenges than before because they are have another duty as a teacher to their kids. Not every kids can teach well and fast, some need your patience and yell. Joking

But, let’s see the fact that not easy and not all mothers find it easy if you can say it 99% mothers in the world right now is crying just like you don’t be discouraged. Self-quarantine at home is the challenges for all mothers in the world. You are not alone. So, this article will give you some recipes that you can make it at your home. The ingredients is easy to find.

Ginger Tea

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Ingredients :

  • A Small ginger
  • Tea bag
  • a spam of sugar (optional)

How To Make :

Boil 11/2 cup of water in your pot. Slices ginger. Put it in your glass, don’t forget your tea bag and a spoon of sugar all in one glass. The boiling water pour it on the glass and stir it well. Enjoy.

Lemon Tea Honey

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Ingredients :

  • A bag tea
  • A slice of lemon
  • Honey
  • Hot water

How To Make :

Boil water in your pot. Slice of lemon, a bag tea. Put in your glass. Pour the hot water to glass that have a tea bag and a slice of lemon. Add enough honey as you like.

Cinnamon Tea

Ingredients :

  • A Cinnamon
  • A tea bag
  • Honey
  • A ginger
  • a lemon brass

How To Make :

Slice ginger and lemon grass. Put it in a milk pan. Add 500ml water. Boil the water with the slices of ginger and lemon grass. Add cinnamon, tea bag and honey.

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