Simple Recipe Parents Can Try During Quarantine With Your Kids

This pandemic make you stay at home for 24 hours during months. This could be at challenge to everyone especially for parents with school kids. They have double job; as parents and teacher and the same time. Although it is not easy but you can try to enjoy your time with your kids. It will be a good positive vibe in your house.

There are some activities that you can do with your kids. Play together with your kids, watch movie, and also cook or make some simple cookies together. Maybe it will be a mess in your kitchen but it is worth to try. You will need some patience but keep in mind that it is your time to enjoy the togetherness with your kids.

So here are simple recipe that commonly you can find in your refrigerator.

Simple Pancake

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Ingredient :

  • 2 Eggs ( Separate egg and yolk)
  • 3 spoons of granulated sugar
  • 4 Spoons of flour
  • 60 Ml of Milk
  • 20 grams Butter

How to make :

You can ask your 6 years old kid to help you separate the yolk from the white eggs. Whisk the white eggs with sugar until soft peak appear. Mix flours, yolks and milk (you can add vanilla flavour if you like) until it combine well. Pour all the egg white mixture to the flour mixture. Stir it well.

Prepare the pan, add a little bit of butter to the pan. Wait until there are some little bubble appear on top. Turn around until it look brown. Remove from the pan . You can add maple syrup or honey. Kids maybe like whip cream and slices of strawberry as a topping.

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