If You Want To Buy Foundation Online You Should Read This

During quarantine at home, most people change their shopping habits directly in public by shopping at online stores. Starting from shopping for raw foods to beauty products such as powder, foundation, lipstick, and so on. At the beginning of quarantine, some people do not care about their appearance at home, but over time women who are accustomed to appearing with makeup will feel bored and want to reduce the stress of being locked up at home by returning to using make up even if only at home.

The positive thing about sticking with makeup at home is that you will ‘manage’ your mindset that you still need to be active as usual even if you are at home. Working from home, if a woman already has children, you help your child have to learn from home, and a series of activities at home that you will realize that there are more things you can do, even as if it is endless.

If you plan to buy a foundation for everyday wear, here are a few things you should pay attention to.

Get to know skin types & needs

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This is the most important thing to know before choosing the foundation you will use. Clearly recognize the type of skin and your skin needs. For women aged 20 years and over, it is better to choose the type of foundation that is BB or CC Cream type. The content in BB cream has a light foundation and moisturizer that is useful for moisturizing. If you are a woman aged 30 years and over, you should pay attention to the ingredients in the foundation whether they contain safe ingredients and care for the elasticity of your skin. Entering the age that is quite mature, women already have to have enough skincare products. Women aged 40 years and over must have an extra choice of beauty products that are safe for their skin. Moisturizers and sunscreen and anti-aging treatments are mandatory for them to have.

Searching & Research

It takes time, but while at home, you have enough time for searching or research foundation that suits your skin type, has the ingredients you need, and most importantly is safe for your skin. You can search on YouTube or blog reviews from beauty bloggers or beauty influencers who review these beauty products.

Knowing the color or tone of your skin

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Foundation has color. BB cream also contains color because there is already a foundation in it. If you decide to buy foundation, the most important thing you should also know is the shade or color that matches your skin tone. There are so many colors in the foundation. Choose those that are close to your skin color.


Adjust the foundation you choose with the price. Remember the needs of your skin that you should pay attention to and look for one that suits your needs and budget. Expensive products may not be suitable on your skin, cheap products may not be able to use. During this pandemic, it helps you prioritize basic needs first.

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