How To Manage Stress For Mothers Who Work From Home During Covid 19

During the quarantine period from home everything must be done from home, starting from work, study and worship at home. Very not easy. I can say that. I attacked the mother with two children under 5 years. My first child is 4 years old, he already attends Nursery class. He has a schedule for online classes with his teacher every 9.30 in the morning. Monday to Friday, the second child is 19 months old. Urgently needs me as his mother even he can’t help but see me for even a minute if he isn’t sleeping. I have to work from home because there are monthly installments that I have to pay too. My husband also works from home. There are two helpers who help us to take care of the house and cook.

I don’t know about mothers who have to work from home while they don’t have help. I just have to really manage my time when they’re busy playing, I can work a little. The time I can really work is when they are fast asleep. The experience of another mother, Jenee on Twitter revealed her heart, “Every working parent of small children I know is truly not okay. I’m not talking about mom life! So stressful! Cold coffee! But so worth it! “I’m talking about like, seriously on the verge of a breakdown, very understandably. How is this supposed to go on?

Here are some ways to deal with the stress of working from home for a mother.

– Make a list of tasks that are done regularly

You make your to-do list starting from waking up until you go back to sleep. 24 hours every day. This will make it easier for you to manage your children as well as their schedules for playing, studying, eating and sleeping. Believe me this will really help you!

– Realizing that Distance Learning is a challenge for everyone

For mothers who have babies do not have much time for themselves because babies need attention all the time. Parents who have school-age children, when they have to learn to use the Zoom application, for children and parents is a challenge. Mothers must accompany their children while they study. Sometimes a child is still unable to fully absorb what their teacher teaches through an application on their laptop or computer.

Jennifer Quinn, a school librarian and former elementary school teacher based in upstate New York said, “” The most important thing is that kids need some sort of structure, whatever that routine and structure looks like for that family. That’s what has been the most helpful ”. Jen has 2 children aged 9 and 10. His son is blind and he shares his laptop with his daughter who has an online class using Zoom.

– Get a short break

When your head is full and you feel overwhelmed it is better to take a break. Do not feel guilty about this because it is for the benefit of you and your small family. Happy mothers will produce happy children too. Take a moment to rest. When you are putting your baby to sleep, go to sleep. Set a nap for your children as well as yourself.

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