How To Clean Your Face Without Drying It

Often, after you wash your face, you will feel your skin drier or like being pulled. Be careful if it happens to your face skin often, you need to change the way you clean your face or your face wash. Some facial wash contains ingredients, especially etanol, can make your skin drier and it will lead to sensitive skin. You need to care most of your face to keep it healthy and younger.

Her are some suggestions to help you wash your face without make it more drier.

Use Facial Foam

Instead of using facial soap, you need to change it to facial foam. The foam of the soap will clean your face gently. Some facial foam added moisturizer to their soap so it will not make your skin dry.

Double Cleansing If You Use Make Up Daily

Don’t worry if you think that double cleansing will drier your skin. It is a must to clean your face two step if you use make up. Choose cleanser that contains milk, honey or Argan oil as a basic step to wash your make up. Don’t use make up remover daily. Accept, the remover basic ingredient is oil. After erase your make up with the step one cleanser, you can continue step two with facial foam that use water to clean it.

Never Go Sleep Without Wash You Face

Makeup in your face for all night is a nightmare to your skin. It will damage your skin because it clog your pores and the risk of acne. You will not want to get another problem to your skin, right?

Use Moisturizer

It is a must. You must to put moisturizer to your face after clean it. Even to a normal skin type, moisturizer is a must. It will give back moisture to your face after the facial foam take it.

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