Hair Care For Hair Fall & Dry Hair

I remember when I was pregnant my first son, my hair growth so nicely. it will make my hair growth so long thick and very healthy. According to American Health, when you are pregnant, progesterone hormone increase significantly in your body and the result is your skin and hair looks so healthy.

Besides that I consume pregnancy milk that rich with folic acid that good for neural tube baby and also affect the cuticle of my hair. Vitamin B complex good for pregnancy and in fact, it is affect my hair in good way. It made my hair healthier, shiny, and thrives. After I get birth when my baby was 3 months old, my hair begin to fall and it was worse day after day.

I have tried to stop my hair fall by using some products, changed my shampoo, etc. I get this tips from my trial error experiences and some websites. Here are them.

Use Hair Tonic

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Look for hair tonic that contains guava leaves. According to Style Craze, the tonic from guava leaf extract is rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and iron which are good for hair.

Use hair Mask

For once a week you can use hair mask. It will help you to maintain the moisture of your hair and keep it growth. Besides, it contains vitamins that help your hair grow smoothly and thrives.

Add Hair Supplement To Your Diet

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The best way to help your hair fall anda dry is to maintain it from inside your body. Just as my experience when I was pregnant, I eat vitamins and supplement that contains vitamins that affect my hair too. So you can try biotin supplement that is vitamin B7, vitamin C, vitamin D, E, Selenium, lycopene, lysene and fish oil that stimulate the hair growth and control hair fall.

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