Dry Skincare Routine During Quarantine

Since the start of the independent quarantine as one of the efforts of the world government to prevent the spread of Covid-19, various activities have all been carried out at home. Including matters of caring for skin beauty. If before this outbreak you usually go to the salon for treatment, now you have started doing it again yourself. Beauty care must be carried out at home so that your skin stays healthy during this quarantine.

Speaking about skin care at home, dry skin must be treated properly so as not to cause other problems later on. Caring for dry skin can be done at home starting from the selection of the right product.

Choose Oil-Based Cleaners

We recommend that before buying a cosmetic product, especially facial cleanser, choose one that is not alcohol-based because it will make the skin drier and can thin the facial skin. Choose soap or water-based cleansing soap. You can see the list of ingredients on the packaging if water or oil was first written, that means you can use it. There are makeup remover that contains Argan oil or olive oil will help you to clean your face from makeup without drying it.

Avoid Sunbathing More Than 10 Minutes

You have to remember that sunlight is good for the skin if it’s not too long underneath, especially if you do have dry skin. Sunbathing not more than 10 minutes. Your skin can get drier and potentially cause other skin problems such as dark spots.

Suncreen Is A Must

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Never leave the house without using sunscreen. Moreover, lingering in the hot sun can burn the skin and make your skin more dry and wrinkled fast. You also have to remember that suncreen protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays which have the potential to cause skin cancer.

Use Moisturizer

Healthy skin is skin that is well hydrated. Use a skin moisturizer that contains water that is good for the skin. Choose products that contain ceramide, shea butter and aloe vera to moisturize dry skin and take care of them so they don’t get damaged. Even if you are quarantining at home, still use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated healthy.

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