6 Sex Positions With Your Partner in the Middle of Pandemic Covid-19

It is undeniable when you are at home and have to do everything from home during the Covid 19 pandemic. If you have school-age children or infants and toddlers, you have a double task. You must be your own parent and teacher and housekeeper. This difficult task sometimes makes you stressed as a parent. That’s a natural thing. You are not alone. The whole world is experiencing what you feel.

The positive side of this pandemic, you and your spouse and your family members at home become closer. You spend 24 hours for several months with just them. The closeness with your partner you can make for you to grow in your relationship. You are even more intimate with your partner. Talking about intimacy here are 6 types of sex positions with your partner you can try during this ‘long holiday’.

1. The Position of Yab Yum


This position can be done in your bedroom or on your couch. You just have to make sure if you do it on the couch, make sure your kids and other family members are fast asleep! This position is the man sitting at the end of the bed or sofa. Women in astride positions. This is included in Zen sex because it is slow and intimate. Penetration can be quite deep and very good at touching great G-Spots and can adjust depth and rhythm.

2. Bend over the furniture

Relationship and sexpert expert, Antonia Hall, Ma, a psychologist, says that this position stimulates your clitoris. Your position is bent on the sofa or wall. This can increase happiness and reduce your stress as soon as you reach the peak of orgasm.

3. Cowgirl sitting position

You and your partner sit on the edge of your chair or bed where you sit on their laps, descend on it, and give control over the depth and speed of the rhythm. This position can stimulate the G-Spot area, you can also add stimulation by touching the clitoris so that it gets double stimulation that affects you to have an orgasm.

4. The Sanitizer Pump

This position requires a little effort but as a result you can feel a more wow sensation. Position your body lying on your back with legs raised and bent, then ankles pulled behind the head. Direct the pair to squat while penetrating into which, if imagined to resemble a pumping machine, is pumping the mixture into the container.

5. Cinderella Riding a Horse

This is the most favorite position for women because they can take control of the rhythm of speed and depth and the most important is this position gives orgasm the pleasure that is extraordinary. This position is also often called woman on top. Your partner is lying down and you are in a straddle position on it.

6. Doggy Style

This position is also already familiar but remains one of the favorite positions of many couples. You and your partner just do it with your position bent on the edge of your bed or wall, your partner penetrates from behind you.

Enjoy your time with your partner.

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