Neiman Marcus For Target: Great Style, Great Substance

When I first heard that Neiman Marcus was doing a new exclusive line for Target I was incredibly excited. Jason Wu, Marchesa, and Tory Burch at my local Target for less than department store prices? Yes, please!

So when the line finally came out earlier this month, I ran to Target to check out what I could grab for both my family and friends this holiday season. A few items that are simply to die for: the Tory Burch lunch box and printed beverage container (love the design!), the Carolina Herrara travel bag and an awesome Marc Jacobs scarf that I know I am going to wear for years to come.

As far as for my daughter, the Jason Wu dresses are just TOO CUTE! Sure, the price tag might be a little bit more than what I usually spend on her holiday dresses, but if I buy one in a size bigger, she’ll have it for two years in a row (might as well save where you can!). In addition, the white and purple Marchesa beaded dresses that are perfect for so many occasions and my daughter has fun twirling around in them whenever she has them on (and which she also accessorized nicely with a Hello Kitty headband of course, too). You don’t get many chances to combine both great high-end style with affordable prices, but thankfully both Neiman Marcus and Target were able to bring two of the best worlds together to make our holiday shopping experience a little bit more exciting this year.

Tell us, do you keep your family festively stylish during the holidays?

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