11 Days of Holiday Style, Day One: Bling it On

Welcome to Day One of 12 Days of Holiday Style! Instead of thinking narrowly about what to wear for the two or three dress up events you have this holiday season, we’re looking at simple ways to raise the ante every day from now through Christmas. Today: Bring on the bling.

Odds are, you’ve got a full calendar right now, but I’ll bet that the majority of your commitments are probably not cocktail dress and fancy shoe kind of events. Instead, you’re going to school music performances and class parties and office lunches, and in between you’re running a million errands because those stockings won’t fill themselves, you know!

Make the holiday rush less of a grind and more of a party by adding a little bling to your everyday outfits. Dress up your casual Friday look by pulling out a necklace that you’re saving for a night out and showing it the light of day. Even if you’re defaulting to a basic jeans-and-tee ensemble (or, in the parts of the world where winter has started for real, jeans and a tee and a sweater and coat), adding something sparkly and a little frivolous can change your entire attitude. And your entire look.

I’m a big fan of glittery statement necklaces, for day and night. After five, a piece like the one pictured here, from Bauble Bar, takes even the most basic LBD to another level, but during the day it’s the perfect foil to casual togs. Wear this peeking out from under a button down and cardi, or over a heavy crew neck sweater. Feeling particularly festive? Try layering two or three big statement necklaces for a real pop. The secret to layering is to choose pieces of similar style and varying lengths — say, multiple gold chains or faux diamonds. I love the look of a pile of necklaces over a slim crew or V-neck sweater and skinny jeans. Comfy, practical and totally party ready.

Don’t be afraid to pair a bold sparkler with your casual clothes, but make sure the rest of your look is tailored and not sloppy. A statement necklace is perfect with slouchy boyfriend jeans and loafers, but the same piece looks out of place with yoga pants and a fleece pullover. Make that little extra effort to put on real — and comfortable — clothes, then add a necklace and go. So easy! And suddenly those errands feel a little less like a hassle and a little more like a celebration.

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