How to Treat Female Hair Loss

How to Treat Female Hair Loss

There is a quote about women’s hair. “Hair is a beautiful form of self expression”.  It is said by Carolyn Aronson is a
successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and the founder and CEO of It’s a
10 Haircare, one of the only female-owned professional haircare brands
in the world.
For many women, female hair loss can provide a psychological disorder in his life. Hair loss can happen to anyone. It can occur in men and women. Therefore, on this occasion, I will explain how to treat
Female Hair Loss.

The hair on the URLs is “crown”, keeping the hair to stay healthy is not easy. There are problems that make the hair look was not optimal.
One of the most annoying problems is the loss in quantity, to make the hair thinner. Many women are unaware if female hair loss has occurred one of which originated from a few strands of hair left in the comb or the bathroom floor until the end of the scalp that can be seen clearly. Female Hair Loss can be caused by many things such as heredity,
certain side- effects of treatment or because of health problems.
According to the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) forty percent of
people who seek treatment for hair loss are women.

How to Treat Female Hair Loss, please see below :


It can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription, usually used for the treatment of alopecia areata androgenetic alopecia & form a
liquid that is applied to the scalp two times a day to help keep the hair growth & hair loss does not occur. In need of time usually for about 12 weeks. If after use for six months the results are less satisfactory, then the doctor usually will ask to stop using. Possible side-effects can include irritation of the scalp.


Drugs can only be obtained through prescription & usually used to treat baldness in men. Finasteride cannot be used for the treatment of hair loss in women, especially pregnant women because it has adverse effects on the fetus, especially the male fetus. Just like minoxidil then if treatment is stopped the hair will stop growing.


Cortisone injection on the scalp can be used to treat alopecia areata. Treatment is usually carried out regularly every month.
Sometimes doctors will also prescribe the use of corticosteroid tablets to cope with severe hair loss. The new hair will grow performed four weeks after injection. There is also a cream or ointment dosage forms,
but less effective than injectable preparations.


Shaped ointment or cream that is applied on the scalp. Usually, doctors prescribe it to treat psoriasis, but sometimes can also be used for the treatment of other skin problems. Anthralin is usually used for
the treatment of alopecia areata, new hair will grow approximately 12
weeks later.


Hair transplant or hair transplant can be used for androgenetic alopecia cases where other treatments are not effective. At the time of transplant, the doctor will grow hair that comes from the bottom or side to a section of a bald scalp. Usually, it takes several times the transplant process to cover the baldness.

Want to treat? Before you do, so must first consult with a physician or an expert, and adjust your budget as well. Because of treating hair loss women become very important if your hair is already leading to baldness. Good post about how to treat female hair loss, helpful and
thank you.

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