The Cause of Dandruff Hair

The Cause of Dandruff Hair

The cause of dandruff hair is my post today. After my previous post about the types of hair. Hair dandruff is very annoying, especially if when we suddenly feel itchy. Hair dandruff is also not good in view. Hair dandruff, will interfere with your activities. therefore you must know the cause of dandruff.

Most people are losing confidence if hair has dandruff. In addition, dandruff also be one cause of hair damage. Therefore, the origin of the cause of dandruff must be known. Dandruff and hair damaged must be addressed immediately.

Before I explain about the cause of dandruff hair, I’ll explain in advance the understanding of dandruff. Definition according to Wikipedia is Dandruff (also called dandruff and dandruff; by scientific name pityriasis capitis) is the excessive flaking of dead skin on the scalp. The cells are dead and flaky skin is a natural event that normally when peeling the numbers a bit. However, there are people who have continuously (chronic or occasional, exfoliating in large numbers, followed by reddening and irritation. Most cases of dandruff can be cured with a special shampoo or medication-free.

Most people feel lose confidence if the dandruff. In addition, dandruff also be one cause of hair damage.Therefore, if your hair dandruff should be addressed immediately. Finally we can know the cause of dandruff.

Okay. just on the above problems. The Cause of dandruff hair is :
The remaining hair products that accumulate.

Hard conditioner and other hair styling products mostly made to stick to the skin. Choose a shampoo that clear to be able to remove the remnants of dirt that had been left by styling products. Rinse hair until completely clean when shampooing, to ensure no more remaining liquid shampoo.

Dry scalp.

When washing your hair, use a gentle shampoo and massage your scalp to remove dirt that can trigger the onset of dandruff. In addition, use a good conditioner.


Perhaps it arises because the reaction dandruff from the scalp when you use a certain shampoo. Try to replace your shampoo with a mild shampoo.

There is a theory that says “The cause of dandruff hair” is one type of fungus that grows out of control. Fortunately there are several types of dandruff shampoo that can overcome this, ie that contain such as selenium sulfide, sulfur, zinc pyridinethione and ketoconazole. But if you dyed your hair do not wear products with selenium sulfide or sulfur content, because this will only accelerate the waning of the color of your hair.

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