Should You Make Up Your Eyes - or Your Face - First?

Should You Make Up Your Eyes – or Your Face – First?

Today, a woman could easily to become more attractive in outwarddly apperance. When it comes to makeup or haircare or skincare, there really are no hard and fast rules, only suggestions. This may seem contrary to the advice given in magazines and even by me on this Website, but it’s true.

When it comes to makeup application, you can do whatever you want of
course: make up your eyes first, then move to the face or vice versa.
You can even stop in the middle of doing your eyes to start on your
face. But if you want the chances of the most flawless makeup
application, follow these suggestions:

First, decide if you are going for a more natural look or if you are
going to play up the eyes or the mouth (remember, if you have heavily
made up eyes AND lips you risk looking like a clown).

Thou shalt not play up both the eyes and the mouth. You really don’t
want eyes and mouth to compete, so decide which you’re going to play up
before you leave the house.

A Trick I Love for Aging Skin

Because eyes show the
first signs of aging, bring attention to your mouth instead. Keep eye
makeup light and create “mwah!” mouth with a bright color. The key to
bright lips, is an even complexion. Make sure to even out dark undereye
circles, rosacea and other skin flaws before you apply those bright

Makeup Your Face First

if you are going for a more
natural look. Apply concealer and foundation, then move to your eyes.
Once eyes are done, determine what finishing touches you need (blush,
bronzer, highlighter under the eyes and on the brow). Finish off this
look with a swipe of lipstick.

Makeup Your Eyes First

if you are going for a
heavy, smokey eye or if you plan to use eyeliner and eyeshadow. Once the
eyes are complete you may realize you don’t need much for the face
other than a tinted moisturizer or a bit of gloss. Do a full face of
foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer and your smokey eyes may seem

Start With The Lips

if you are doing strong lips.
Once the lips are done, apply a sheer foundation and then go light on
the eyes. Sometimes all you need with bold lips is to curl the lashes
and then apply a few coats of mascara. You want to avoid doing the
entire face then applying the lipstick because that bright red lipstick
you love may look too harsh with a full face of makeup (hence, the
“clown” look I refer to).

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