Nutritious Foods Hair Loss Prevention

Nutritious Foods Hair Loss Prevention

There is a saying that in a healthy body there is a strong soul. If we want to have a strong soul, it turns out that it starts with good physical health. Maintaining this health can be done one of them by paying attention to the nutrients that enter our body through what we eat.

Every day we need to eat, to eat our body will be healthy. But it
must be in the know, that the food we eat every day should be
nutritious. With nutritious food, our bodies will be healthy because of
good nutrition and we also can prevent hair loss

As in the know that the cause of baldness is hair loss is excessive.
Therefore do not let it happen to our hair loss. With the intake of
nutritious foods, it will restore the strength of the roots of our hair.
Therefore, you need to know about Nutritious Foods Hair Loss

There are many nutrients and vitamins that our body needs to produce
new hair. If less one, the hair shaft can be weakened, causing hair
loss. with the conclusion that the Nutritious Foods Hair Loss Prevention
is in need.  Nutritious foods hair loss prevention include : iron, protein and zinc.


Add foods that contain iron in your diet daily. Foods such as
eggs, green vegetables, raisins, and cereal grains, is a good source of
iron. Consumption of vitamin C because vitamin also increases the body’s
ability to absorb iron. Because iron plays an important role in making
hemoglobin, the blood that carries oxygen to all organs and tissues. If
we are good levels of hemoglobin, the oxygen can be perfectly
distributed. Means, the circulation of blood can get to the root of the
hair, which will stimulate hair growth.


Fish, eggs and nuts. These foods are rich in high protein content,
which is needed for healthy hair. Because our hair is basically made
??up of proteins. Choose lean protein like fish, chicken, eggs, almonds,
yogurt and tofu. Foods that contain high levels of fat which will make
the levels of the hormone testosterone in men beginning to decline
resulting in hair loss.


Seafood. Men who experience hair loss are known to have a zinc
deficiency in the body. Zinc has a role in many bodily functions,
ranging from cell production to balance hormones, and these functions
affect hair growth. In addition, zinc plays a role in glandular hairs
that “binds” the hair root. When we are deprived of zinc, so weak hair
follicles so the hair easily detached from its roots. To overcome this, a
high consumption of foods containing zinc, such as red meat, poultry,
nuts, shellfish, or shrimp.

I have explained, with a healthy and nutritious food, the Hair Loss
Prevention you have done. So that your hair growth to be healthy because
it has been consumed Nutritious Foods Hair Loss Prevention.

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