My Spring Wardrobe: My Style & A Lack Of Colour

My Spring Wardrobe: My Style & A Lack Of Colour

Yesterday was a fashion filled day for me as I spent the day with Intu Victoria Centre in Nottingham and if there’s one thing it’s made me realise, it’s that I don’t have enough colour in my wardrobe. It’s not that I’m afraid of colour (except red, red’s a bit scary!), I just don’t own a lot of it. And with SS17 fashion trends being full of colour, not always necessarily bright colours, but some colour nevertheless, it has me looking at my personal style and having some realisations…

There’s not a lot of colour in my wardrobe

Despite switching my wardrobe around for Spring and putting away thicker jumpers and heavy coats, it’s still full of black, grey, navy blues and the odd bit of khaki green or cream. I think it always will be heavily based on this colour scheme because that’s just part of my personal style, but I’d love to add more dusky pink items or white pieces to freshen it up for Spring.

Jeans, jeans and more jeans

A pair of blue, black or grey jeans, a top (or a jumper depending on the unpredictable British weather) and a good pair of ankle boots is pretty much my signature style, even throughout Spring. In Summer I tend to switch up the boots for espadrilles or sandals but the jeans usually remains the same. I’d love to push my boundaries a little more this Spring and maybe find a good pair of trousers (chinos maybe?) or a casual dress that makes me want to whip my legs out, but we’ll see whether that actually happens as I am rather loyal to my jeans.

Getting my shirt on

I used to always wear shirts, both during the day and in the evening but recently they only make an appearance if I’m going out to dinner or an event, so shirts for me this Spring are definitely going to be a feature. The thing is, I actually have quite a few and there’s far too many that caught my attention whilst in town yesterday so I’ve got no excuse really.

Rekindling my love of accessorizing

We’re not allowed to wear jewellery for work so for the longest time my weekends would be spent forgetting to put my jewellery back on, but recently I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to do that and to accessorize my outfits more. Accessories can really transform an outfit and can make it look entirely different so it’s all about getting the most out of your clothing. For me a good necklace, some bracelets and a change of handbag are my favourite items to play around with and really helps to dress up or dress down your look.

All About This outfit…

And finally the details on the outfit in these photos, I love it. Don’t you? Colour and style-wise, it’s typically ‘me‘ and despite saying that I need to do this and do that, this colour palette will always feature heavily in my life. Thankfully, adding new pieces helps to jazz things up a little for the upcoming seasons. Whilst the majority of the pieces in this outfit are old, both the boots and top are newbies to my wardrobe which you may have seen on my Instagram stories yesterday. These Ash Heidi Boots are a real statement piece with embroidered floral detailing and beige colour all over. They’ve got a much-loved pointed toe and the heel isn’t too high either meaning they’ll get plenty of wear. The top is an off the shoulder khaki piece from Quiz and I love the feminine cut without it being too OTT. There’s no girly pink shades or big floral prints and I think that’s why I love it so much, it’s simple and extremely versatile. Dress it up with heels, a clutch bag and a statement necklace or down with a oversized slouchy handbag and espadrilles, with this look standing somewhere in the middle.

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