Peace & Candy Floss!

Peace…that’s something that I wish I had a lot of in my life right now! If I’m not working at the nursery (which I haven’t been all last week because I have tonsillitis and have been taking penicillin), then I’m at my parents listening to endless arguments. Yes they’ve split up, yes my dad’s still living here currently (in the spare bedroom of course) and yes they’re getting a divorce! The weekends are my favourite right now, going home back to Nottingham and spending Friday and Saturday with my boyfriend Jordan, he’s my little star in all of this family chaos right now and is just keeping me standing on my feet.

So…that’s why I haven’t been blogging on here as much lately and I know I mentioned it in my last blog post but I know not everyone reads every single blog post on peoples blogs so I felt that I needed to mention it again. I’m sure you all understand.

Anyway, enough about my life…

I absolutely love these pink jeans! They were only £16.99 from New Look and I can’t wait to pair them with so many different items of clothing in my wardrobe! This is what I chose to wear them with yesterday, just a tshirt and a boucle blazer. I have to admit, I felt strange wearing a t-shirt and I really don’t feel like myself when I wear them but I do like this outfit! I bought a gorgeous white boucle jacket from Zara the other day that I can’t wait to wear with these jeans too but it’s back to boring old black trousers and a shirt for the rest of the week for me now because of working in the nursery, I really should have picked a profession that allows me to have a bit more style in the workplace! Admittedly though, I did want to be a teacher and that’s what I’m training to do but working in fashion, beauty or PR would be my dream come true! Maybe one day!

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