Peace & Candy Floss!

Peace…that’s something that I wish I had a lot of in my life right now! If I’m not working at the nursery (which I haven’t been all last week because I have tonsillitis and have been taking penicillin), then I’m at my parents listening to endless arguments. Yes they’ve split up, yes my dad’s still […]

Hello Yellow!

  Hello lovelies! It feels like it’s been forever since I posted on here! Life has been far too crazy with me travelling back and forth between Nottingham and Coventry lately to do a work placement in a nursery near my parents house and now there’s a lot of family drama with my parents deciding […]

Black & Blue!

Sorry my outfit photos aren’t the best today, it’s so hard to capture the blue in my jacket without any natural light whatsoever because unfortunately my apartment doesn’t have any! Ugh. My outfit photos would always look so much better if it did, trust me! You can also see this outfit on my new fashion/style/beauty […]