Subtle Snakeskin

This outfit is a prime example of how I can’t stop wearing these shoes that I talked about in yesterdays post. I just love them and I’ve always had a bit of a thing for this shade of brown so I guess that doesn’t help me get over my obsession with them! When I was picking everything out for this outfit I just kept thinking that a Mulberry Bayswater in Oak Natural Leather would have been the perfect bag for this outfit, it’s the most beautiful timeless classic handbag which I’ve lusted after for a couple of years now and I’m determined that it will be my next designer handbag!

After watching the Topshop London Fashion Week shows online for the past few days I’ve decided that I need to chisel myself a face, I never usually contour (although I used to) but now I’ve decided to start doing it again so I’m on the look out for a fab contour brush. I do have cheekbones… promise!

Today is pancake day and I’m so excited to have pancakes with Jordan tonight! I’m meeting him in town after he’s finished uni (I get an extra day off this week so I’m not in today) and we’re going to Starbucks for hot chocolates, then we’re coming back to mine and I’m making fajitas and pancakes with lemon and sugar on (which is the best topping to have on pancakes in my opinion!). We’ll then probably spend the rest of the evening cuddled up on the sofa catching up on our favourite TV shows. It sounds like just what I need!

I hope everyone’s having a lovely week so far! What’s your favourite pancake topping?

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