Grey & Purple

This is the outfit I wore today. I wanted to wear a skirt I forgot I had and have never worn with this but I decided to leave it for another day and pair it with something else. I love the colour of this shirt (as I’ve mentioned many times purple is my favourite colour) and sheer shirts with a longer back are such a winner in my opinion, of course it’s hell to iron though! The blazer was a bit of a bargain, I was on the hunt for a couple of new ones a few weeks ago and found this in H&M in the sale for £10, I love it and the material is super soft!

I ordered quite a large Asos order on Wednesday and because of the amount I spent I got free next day delivery, my items came this morning (I ordered too late on Wednesday to receive them yesterday) and I absolutely love them! There’s one item in particular that I can’t wait to show you guys so expect to see it featured in an Outfit of the Day very soon! I probably won’t do a haul post featuring all of the items that I bought though because if I’m honest I’m not the biggest fan of hauls although I still do them every once in a while.

And now for some exciting news…

If you watch my vlogs or follow me on twitter then you’ll probably know that I live in a one bedroomed apartment on my own and that my boyfriend is going to be moving in with me this summer. We’ve had a little chat about things and have decided that we’re going to move into a two bedroomed apartment!! I’m going to be moving firstly and then Jordan will be moving into the new place as planned in July or August! So that means lots of flat hunting is happening right now! I’ve found an apartment down the road which seems perfect and will hopefully be going to see it tomorrow, fingers crossed!

The other thing is that since we will have two bedrooms and I have a crazy amount of clothing, shoes and accessories I’m going to turn the second room into a walk in wardrobe/office!! I’m so excited because it means that I can have everything super organised and everything will have it’s own proper place. It also means that all of the purple things from my current bedroom will be moving into the wardrobe room/office so I can still use them since Jordan wants the bedroom to be less girly and blue instead of purple!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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