Sunday Snippet #5

♥ I’ve been spending the weekend with Jordan just lazing around recovering from nights out and wearing no makeup. It’s been heaven!

♥ I’m excited to do tomorrows or Tuesdays OOTD post, it’s a recreation of an outfit my number one style icon (Olivia Palermo) has worn recently.

♥ I desperately need a haircut, I haven’t had it cut since I had it cut like this last year and hated it but the ends are in desperate need of a trim and some T.L.C. I’m thinking about getting it cut at Toni & Guy since I’ve always wanted to.

♥ It seems that a lot of you don’t know about it so I’ll mention it again…I’m a regular vlogger so if you guys are interested in seeing me…be me!? Then go and check out my channel here.

♥ I really should go and get into bed since it’s 6:15am and I haven’t been to sleep yet. I can hear Jordan snoring right now so I hope that he stops soon since I’m an extremely light sleeper. I hope everyone’s had a fab weekend!

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