Desert Storm

The time is now 7am and I’m blogging! You could say that I’m crazy or dedicated, but I’d say I’m a bit of both with insomniac thrown in. I haven’t slept at all yet and I have to leave the house at 8am to get to uni for 9am for today’s seminars. I have some herbal sleeping tablets too but I can’t find them and to be completely honest, I’m not convinced they work. Admittedly I’ve only used them once but when I find them I’ll put them to the test again and see for sure.

Despite the fact that I can’t sleep, I still want to be snuggling up to my boyfriend right now. Sleeping with Jordan just makes me feel so safe, secure, loved and happy and I honestly can’t wait until we live together and I can have him laying next to me every night.

I think we might be going out tonight which is fab because I’m in need of a good dance. If we are then tonight is 2-4-1 drinks and then tomorrow night we’ll be doing it all over again. Student lives eh?

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