Dancing In Snakeskin!

Last night me and the guys went out to Coco Tang, one of Nottingham’s hidden gems, and when I say hidden I mean it’s down a cobbled street in Nottingham’s city centre surrounded by the slightly more expensive shops with only a lantern above the door. No sign, nothing! Nevertheless, it’s been one of my favourite hang out’s for the past 2 years and is definitely THE place to be for cocktails. I’d highly reccommend the Toblerone (a favourite of both mine and the guys!), Palma Violets and Refeshers cocktails.

We then headed to Rock City for 2-4-1 drinks and a dance, it was a fab night but resulted in my boyfriend Jordan throwing up all over my apartment, needless to say my cream carpets aren’t so cream at the moment and I’m not the happiest bunny in the world about that. Let’s hope that when I buy carpet cleaner tomorrow it does the trick!

Anyway, we’re going out again tonight but to our students union this time and this is what I’m wearing. I love this dress, it makes me think of something Kim Kardashian would wear and it was so cheap at only £15!!

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