Cheap & Chic!

I was going to call this post something along the lines of ‘Stripes & Mustard’ but then I decided that since most of this outfit was from Primark and therefore incredibly cheap, ‘Cheap & Chic’ was a better name. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of the majority of their clothing as I think it either looks tacky, cheap or chavvy. But every now and again I find some little gems in there and I snap them up! The blazer, shirt and trousers were all from Primark (they were bought yesterday so are all still in store if you want them) and I do think that they look more expensive than they were.

Now onto some little mentions…

This little baby is my new best friend for nights when I’ve had next to no sleep (that’s about pretty much every night for me!). It’s Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightener and it does an amazing job at brightening an area without it looking like a sparkly mess. I just dab this under my eyes and I instantly look more wide awake.

I’m going to be recreating a look from one of my favourite celebrities on here soon (just as soon as my trousers arrive!). It’s something that I’ve never done before but this person is definitely one of my biggest icons in terms of style.

Motel were kind enough to send me another discount code for all my readers, so now instead of getting 10% off a purchase you now get 15%! How exciting! For the code check out the banner on the right hand side.

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