A New Year Calls For Some New Purchases…

Well…technically only half of these purchases were made this year, the rest were made just before or after Christmas.

I went into town the other day searching for some night cream, I was hunting around House of Fraser when I just thought to myself ‘Why don’t I just buy some anti-aging cream instead?’ and so I did, in the form of this Origins gift set which was £41.45 instead of around £63. Now, I’m only 21 so you’re all probably thinking I’m crazy to be using anti-ageing creams already (which is exactly what my boyfriend Jordan thought) but the thing is, you can’t really get rid of wrinkles once you have them (without surgery I mean) so it’s better to try and prevent or prolong the process of wrinkles forming when you’re younger by using good skincare products, having a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and protecting yourself from sun damage. Hopefully, by the time I’m 40 I won’t look it!

So far I’m actually loving the Origins Start Over Face Cream and Start Over Eyecream, although obviously I can’t tell you whether they do anything for wrinkles, for the last couple of days when I’ve woken up in the morning and looked in the mirror, I can already tell that my skin texture and appearence has improved and my pore visability has decreased. My skin just looks a hell of a lot healthier already and I’m over the moon about it! If this is what anti-ageing cream does for a 21 year old then I’m going to carry on using it…I’ll make a future MILF out of me yet!

I really don’t NEED anymore lipsticks, but I really love the formulation of the Max Factor Colour Exlixr Lipsticks (I’ve owned the shade Mulberry for a few months now) so a few more gorgeous lipsticks can’t hurt can they? I bought the shade English Rose and Ruby Tuesday and because I spent over £10 I got a free nail varnish!

Now onto my pre-new year (and rather more expensive) purchases…

A pair of KG by Kurt Geiger Juliet Heels in Black (they also do them in purple and taupe) and Christian Louboutin Nude Patent Bianca Heels.

I bought the Juliet heels from Harrods for £75 instead of £150 whilst I was in London for mine and Jordan’s 1 year anniversary and New Years. They’re so unbelievably comfortable as I found out on a night out in Milton Keynes a few days after I bought them and Jordan’s loves them too!

The Louboutins were a very naughty purchase admittedly and I haven’t worn them out yet as they’re likely to be a shoe for special occasions since I’m what you’d call ‘clumsy’ and seem to do a very good job at destroying shoes on nights out. I really do love them though and I think every girl needs a pair of nude heels!

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