The Orange Skirt!

Being a redhead, we’re not supposed to wear orange or red. Admittedly red is a colour that I’m not overly keen on (unless it’s a gorgeous burgandy shade), red lipsticks on the other hand get used left right and chelsea (if Kate Winslet can look fab sporting red lips in Titanic then why can’t I?) but orange…I just can’t help but to love the colour and in any shape or form, from rust shades to bright neon. It’s my second favourite colour (with purple being my first, think of the dairy milk purple) but as a redhead it’s a colour that my mum has always told me to stay clear of. The fact that the bright beautiful happy colour seems to be everywhere this season is just a reminder of how much I love the colour and how much I really shouldn’t wear it…but I already have and I’m definitely going to continue to!

I think that the specific shade of my red hair means I can get away with colours I’m not supposed to be able to a little bit more as my hair’s not an intense ginger (think Lindsey Lohan) and fortunately it’s a bit more forgiving.

Although I can think of a million ways to wear this skirt, I just can’t fault the idea of wearing it with a classic cream shirt, my favourite blazer and favourite necklace and black tights and black wedges.

Has anyone noticed my new bag? …Of course you have! I was originally going to wear my Mulberry Polly Push Lock bag with this outfit but then Mr Postman came and delivered my gorgeous Celine Luggage Tote bag and now I think I’m in love.

P.s. No matter how hard I tried today’s photos just wouldn’t go right so I apologise that they’re rubbish.

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