How to Overcome Baby Hiccups

Facing baby hiccups often startle parents to make panic sometimes. Especially for parents who have new children and want to take good care of their children. Quoted from Medical News Today, hiccups which are a reaction to the body actually do not need to worry about parents. Seeing a child while hiccuping does look uncomfortable, […]

This Natural Ingredient Good For Anti-Aging Skin

It is no secret that facial treatment is a must for women. Like routinely using skincare, or consulting with a doctor. But some of you would prefer to use skincare with natural ingredients right?This time you don’t need to worry anymore looking for natural ingredients for facial treatments. Various types of natural ingredients can be […]

It is undeniable, the Covid-19 pandemic caused changes to occur in almost all settings of human life globally. When for months on end people are required to stay at home and all activities are carried out from home, it greatly affects people’s lives. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated that increasing social and economic pressure […]

This is the reason why you need collagen

Most people know about collagen from various anti-aging skin care products. Though collagen has a variety of other benefits in addition to skin beauty. What Is Collagen According to Wikipedia, Collagen is the main structural protein in the extracellular matrix in the various connective tissues in the body. Collagen is an important protein found in […]

Overcoming Stress To Avoid Depression

Since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, major changes have occurred in every sector of human life globally. The flow of life and social interaction is limited so that the rush of people is generally stopped temporarily during the lockdown. This affects all aspects of people’s lives, especially in women who have families. Women in general have […]