Should You Gain Weight to Cure Wrinkles?

If you’re feeling guilty about the sheer volume of food you’ve consumed this holiday season, we’ve got your perfect excuse. According to the Archives of Dermatology Journal, older women who weight more have less wrinkles. “Although excess fat may increase the skin’s susceptibility to damage, it may help mask the appearance of wrinkles in old […]

Barneys Lays Off 76 Employees

Following in the footsteps of competitors like Neiman Marcus Inc. and Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys has begin its first round of layoffs. Yesterday, about 76 out of the 2,400 current jobs at the luxury store were eliminated. It’s worth noting, however, that 30 out of the 76 cuts were already vacant. Unsurprisingly, the reason behind […]

Counting Calories? No One Has to Know

See this cute little white notebook? Well, guess what? It’s a tricked out calorie counting book. It comes in black, too, and looks almost exactly like a regular moleskin journal. Because you know what? If you’re counting calories? It’s your business. It’s the Flogg Daily journal, and it just might help you get the bikini […]

How to Wear Makeup When Exercising

It’s always better to go au natural when working out, but some women still insist on getting glammed up before hitting the gym. Fashion aside, the question remains: Is it OK to wear makeup during exercise? According to David Goldberg of Mount Sinai Medical Center and director of Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists in New […]

Kate Somerville Transforms Skin and Fixes Paris Hilton’s Orange Spray Tans

A 10-week transformation sounds like an idea for an extreme makeover TV show, but for several of skin health expert Kate Somerville‘s clients, it was a reality. In Somerville’s new book, Complexion Perfection, the Los Angeles-based celebrity aesthetician guides readers through skin makeovers on clients with issues ranging from severe acne to rosacea and aging, […]

‘American Idol’ Stylist Miles Siggins on the Style Evolution of Ryan Seacrest and Why He Doesn’t Dress Simon Cowell

British stylist Miles Siggins has been cultivating the looks of aspiring pop stars on Fox’s “American Idol” since the series’s second season, when two of his all-time favorite contestants, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, vied for the singing competition’s coveted title While the dapper Siggins’s work with the sometimes fashion-phobic male contestants gets him plenty […]